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We're driving catalytic solutions to make  a real difference in all of our key services!



Our team tackled a branding project earlier this this year for a small start-up, which has since more than doubled business. 

"This was an exciting opportunity because we were able to create something from nothing and needed to accomplish it within a very short timeframe and on a small budget," says FTA Spark Solution's  Veronica Mouring.  "It was a project that leveraged diverse skillsets, so it was great to see us come together to produce something that worked for the unique needs of this client."

Elements of that program included:

  • Overall Strategy

  • Logo

  • Business Card & Stationery Designs

  • Collateral Brochure

  • Fulfillment Materials

  • Marketing  Concepts

  • Self-Maintenance Website

"I was pleased with overall Branding Package and was impressed that it  was built with me in mind," says Shabria Ward, "Since I am a small business it is important that I understand how to produce what I need on a shoestring budget going forward."



A non-profit was experiencing communication challenges with all of its key stakeholders.  Our team took an "outsider" view to help the organization identify some easy opportunities to interact with stakeholders in a way that benefited all and at the same time streamlined and simplified the process.

Solutions generated for:

  • Engaging with parents

  • Engaging with donors

  • Generating donations

  • Streamlining interactions

  • Website Resources

"The recommendations were some of the best I have ever received," says JR.  



A fortune 500 company was facing the dilemma of how to centralize a support service that had existed de-centralized since the founding of the company and that had silo organizations spanning the globe.  Our team is a fan of taking what is seemingly impossible and creating a roadmap for making it happen successfully and with full organizational support.

"This was a fun exercise for anyone who loves solving complex problems," says SCS's Veronica Mouring, who just so happens to be one of those people. "Having done this multiple times in the past, it became quickly clear what needed to happen."

Elements of the solution included:

  • Strategy

  • Communication Plans

  • Infrastructure Approach

  • Process Flows

  • Measurement Tools

  • Implementation Plans

  • Timeline

The effort was handed off at ideation, to be brought to life internally by the organization on their timing.  We have facilitators on staff who can easily bring these ideas to life through execution.



Our QA lead has taken on multiple projects to ensure that new technology and websites are operating at their very best.  Our team was pulled in at the start to influence process flows as well as technology and content.  Once plans were developed and impelemented, our role was to ensure that everything worked and that it was user-friendly. 


Clients have included:

  • Start-ups (consulting and franchise)

  • Existing Business Enhancement


"Quote from a client...."

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